Oil Field Jobs Guide

Oil Field Jobs can be a very rewarding career path. The majority of oil field jobs in the United States come from two key states. Texas being the number one producer in oil for the country, and North Dakota as the second largest producer of oil are the top two areas to look for oil field jobs.

Texas is well known for its oil. The oil activity is spread all across the state. There are two main areas that are home to much of the oil activity in Texas. The first place people usually think of when talking about Texas and oil is West Texas, home of the Permian Basin. The Permian Basin has been around for a long time. Chances are if you’re heading to Texas to work in the oil and gas industry you’ll be getting to know the Permian Basin quite well.

Midland/Odessa Texas is a pair boom towns near the main activity. Many of the major oil companies have made Midland/Odessa their home base for operations in Texas. Midland/Odessa is a growing area with people moving to the area everyday for oil field jobs. If you’re headed that way make sure you have living arrangements lined up already as the area is home to thousands of oil and gas workers. The demand for housing has increased ten-fold over the last few years creating a shortage of vacancies.

The next main oil play in Texas is the Eagle Ford Oil Play. The Eagle Ford is home to southern Texas. The oil play is named after a small town just outside of Dallas called Eagle Ford. This is a newer oil play, with the first wells being drilled back in 2008. The Eagle Ford is a very large formation spanning all the way from Mexico on up through Texas and way over east. The oil play will be active for many decades to come, creating a great career path for those looking to get into the oil and gas industry.

The number two oil producer for our country North Dakota is home to the Bakken Oil Play. The Bakken was first discovered back in the early 50’s. An oil company discovered oil on a farmstead with the last name of Bakken so they named it after the farmer. The Bakken didn’t really get going until the mid to late 2000’s. Thanks to advancements in geological technology companies are now able to easily pump the oil from the shale rock by using a method called fracking.

North Dakota’s Bakken Oilfield is located in western North Dakota for the most part. It spans across most of the western half of the state, spreading into eastern Montana and also up into Canada. The Bakken is in the early stages as there are only 15k wells drilled so far. When all is said and done the Bakken will be home to well over 100,000 wells.

The amount of drilling that will take place over the next several decades will give great opportunity to those looking for oil field jobs. The opportunity to make the oilfield a career path to your retirement has never been better. North Dakota will be drilling for oil for the next 30 years.